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Business Valuation and Sales – Our Service

Can your business fund your retirement? Do you want to know what your business is worth and gain better understanding of what you need to do to make it more valuable, more marketable, and give you guidance for retirement planning purposes? Paul Winkler Inc. is proud to offer a new service to assist businessowners in determining business value and help them plan and improve their businesses.

Anne Sawasky has over 12 years valuing businesses for sale and guiding businessowners to gain maximum value for their businesses and assist in the transition to retirement. This new service will help small business owners ($100,000 to $50 million in sales) to obtain a market estimate of the value of their business and what the expected sales price would be, at a lesser cost than a typical full bank certified valuation which is normally thousands more in cost. This informative report can be used to gain knowledge of current value, benchmark their increase in value from year to year, use for estate planning, tax and retirement planning, and gain a better understanding of what would be needed to increase the value of their business or make it more marketable. In some instances it can prove useful for obtaining bank loans where certification (full extended valuation) is not needed, but it is not acceptable for SBA or some litigation purposes. The report will often contain business and/or financial suggestions to improve profitability. Deal structure for the sale will be suggested, and alternatives discussed, including seller finance amount and amortization for the seller loan to the buyer. The report also includes a 4-5 year Profit Projection, a 4-5 year Cash flow Projection, and Cash at closing report (may need some additional customer input to complete) which provides a complete business estate value.

In addition, call us also on matters related to business sale, purchase or mergers and acquisitions of small to mid-cap companies.