Our Team

Paul Winkler President & Founder, QFP, ChFC®, RFC, CLU, LUTCF, CASL, AAMS

Paul Winkler, QFP, ChFC®, RFC, CLU, LUTCF, CASL, AAMS, is the President and founder of Paul Winkler, Inc., a registered investment advisory firm located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Paul began his career in the financial services industry in 1989 and has been published extensively in both industry and non-industry publications. In addition to being the host of the long-running "Investor Coaching Show" on Supertalk 99.7 WWTN, he has been a guest on multiple radio and TV outlets including: WSMV television- Channel 4, Fox 17 WZTV, NewsTalk 1510 WLAC, 104.9 FM WBOZ, MorningLine on Newschannel 5+ and NewsChannel 5's Talk of the Town.

Paul teaches workshops to corporate groups, individuals and business owners on asset management, qualified plans, financial planning and success coaching. His expertise in the principles of prudent investment management has often been utilized in legal circles as well.

Paul's unique approach to the world of investing and financial planning stems from his strong belief that the traditional approach to the discipline is often driven more by marketing and sales of financial products than it is by sound investment philosophies. Paul is the author of the book "Above the Maddening Crowd" which is endorsed by many financial teachers and university professors around the country.


Paul holds a BA in Economics from the University of Albany, NY where he graduated with honors. He holds the professional designations of Qualified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant, Registered Financial Consultant, Chartered Life Underwriter, Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow, Chartered Advisor for Senior Living, and Accredited Asset Management Specialist.

Associations and Community Organizations:

  • Board of Directors for the International Association for Qualified Financial Planners
  • International Association of Registered Financial Consultants
  • Former Board of Directors of the Goodlettsville Kiwanis
  • Former Board of Directors of Community Concerts
  • Former Chairman of the Board for the Goodlettsville Chamber of Commerce


Paul and his wife, Debbie, have been married since 1992 and are proud parents of two sons, Alex and Andrew.

Ira M. Work QFP, ChFC®, RFC, AAMS

Ira M. Work, QFP, ChFC®, RFC, AAMS started in the securities industry in 1984 with the desire to help people become financially independent.

Over the years he has worked with regional and national firms including Shearson Lehman Brothers and Smith Barney. While working for Shearson Lehman Brothers, he completed the prescribed studies and satisfied the requirements for their Guided Portfolio Management Program.

In April of 1996, Ira concluded - "to best serve my clients and provide impartial advice, I have to be independent." As a result, he resigned from Smith Barney and formed the Work Financial Group in West Palm Beach FL.

In October of 1996, he completed a one-year course through the Institute of Business and Finance designed to provide a deeper understanding of mutual funds and annuity programs.

In 1998, he began his studies with The American College to earn the Chartered Financial Consultant Designation (ChFC®) which he completed in October of 2001. In July of 2001, having completed most of his required courses for the ChFC, he satisfied the requirements of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants and was awarded the RFC designation.

In August of 2008, Ira became part of the coaching team of Paul Winkler, Inc. His focus is helping clients understand the common mistakes investors make and what it takes to build successful portfolios. To enhance his client relationships, Ira provides education programs which help investors gain financial peace of mind. As an author, Ira has written articles that have been published in local newspapers and Financial Playbook magazine.

In September of 2011 Ira completed the requirement coursework earning the designation AIF (Accredited Investment Fiduciary).

In December of 2012 Ira completed the required coursework through the American College earning the Accredited Asset Management Specialist designation.

In March of 2013 Ira qualified for the QFP (Qualified Financial Planner) designation.

Evan Barnard QFP, CFP®

Evan Barnard, QFP, CFP® has been educating private investors and business owners on the basic, yet vital, principles that must be present in any sound financial situation since 1991. Mr. Barnard began his career in the financial services industry as a consultant to owners of expanding small and medium sized businesses throughout the western United States and Canada, helping them regain financial control of their companies.

In a desire to develop long-term relationships with his clients, as well as spend more time with his family, he transitioned into a private financial planning practice with American Express Financial Advisors, Inc. In 1998, after becoming disillusioned with the traditional brokerage industry and wanting to expand the range of services he could provide his clients, Evan walked away from American Express and a team practice managing approximately $85 million and started over working as a financial coach to his clients. He has lectured at numerous schools and businesses on investing and tax strategies, is a past contributor to both industry and non-industry publications and has served as adjunct faculty in corporate finance at Indiana University. When he joined Paul Winkler, Inc. his firm had offices in Dayton, Ohio and Richmond, Indiana serving clients in California, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida and Montana.

Evan Barnard grew up in Texas and California. After graduating high school he enlisted in the Marine Corps infantry and then attended Texas A & M University on an NROTC scholarship. He received his BBA in Management and returned to the Marine Corps where he served six years as an infantry officer. He and his wife, Cindy, reside in Williamson County and they have twin sons (Justin and Jordan) and a daughter (Heather).

Jonathan Walker CFP®, RICP®

Jonathan Walker, CFP®, RICP® has been in the financial services industry since 1996. He began his career with SunTrust Bank, eventually finding his calling in the brokerage department. His focus changed from investments to financial planning and he began working with First Tennessee Bank as a Planning Associate, while seeking to earn the CFP® designation. Frustrated with the limited options he was able to provide his clients while working for a bank, he decided to go independent with Paul Winkler, Inc. in 2006.

Jonathan holds a BBA in Finance from Middle Tennessee State University. While at MTSU, Jonathan was active in various groups on campus, and served as President of Financial Management Association. In 2003, Jonathan began his studies with The American College to earn the Certified Financial Planner™ designation. He completed his studies with Florida State University earning the CFP® designation. In 2016, Jonathan started his studies through The American College to earn the Retirement Certified Income Professional® designation. He completed those studies in 2017, earning the RICP®.

Passionate about financial planning, Jonathan's focus is to help clients achieve peace concerning their financial well-being. Paul Winkler, Inc. uses Jonathan's skill set as a planner to help clients accomplish their planning goals and objectives.

Jonathan grew up locally in Smyrna, and still has family there. He and his wife, Amy, have been married since 2006 and have two kids, Annabelle and Logan.

Daniel Hill QFP, CFP®

Daniel Hill, QFP, CFP® entered the financial services industry in 1998. He is a 1978 graduate of The College of William and Mary School of Business Administartion and holds the professional designations of Qualified Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner™.

Dan has also been awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designation from Fiduciary360 (fi360). The AIF® designation signifies a thorough knowledge of the ability to apply practices that meet the fiduciary standard of care for investors.

Dan and his wife, Susan, have been married since 1980 and are the proud parents of two children, Derek and Brett.

Kevin Davenport

Kevin Andrew Davenport graduated with honors at Townson University with a Bachelors of Science in Finance, having studied such diverse areas as Corporate Finance, Fixed Income Security Analysis, Risk Management, Accounting, International Finance, and Business Statistics.

Kevin has been studying financial markets since 1993, but very little of what he had learned in academia was being used by the industry to help Main Street Investors. It seemed to him that the financial community was using fear and greed instead of sound financial principles.

His quest to free investors from typical investment industry tactics ultimately led him to attend a lecture given at The University of Chicago's Booth School of Business by Eugene Fama, the Father of Efficient Market Hypothesis, where Kevin met Paul Winkler, who was also in attendance. The two soon realized they shared the same passion to educate investors. One of Kevin's great joys is helping hard working folks become more confident investors using academic research to achieve their financial goals.

Arlene Brown ChFC, CLU, CDFA

Arlene Brown started her career with American Express Financial Advisors in 1997 and few years later moved over to Merrill Lynch. Tired of confronting the continuous challenge of finding balance between what was best for clients and what was best for her employer, she decided to become an Independent Advisor and formed Your Retirement Matters, LLC. Through the years, Arlene has specialized in IRA distribution, income planning, and estate conservation. She is passionate about helping clients make smart decisions about their money so they can Retire on time and Stay Retired.

Additionally she is certified to provide financial services to clients involved in the process of Divorce. Her expertise helps them to address their specific financial and familial concerns, allowing for the opportunity to help determine a knowledgeable and fair settlement.

Arlene has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of South Florida. She is a Chartered Life Underwriter and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA). Arlene is a member of the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, Inc. She is a trained General Civil/Family Mediator, and is a listed volunteer with the Nashville Conflict Resolution Center.

Arlene is happily married to Wade and has one son. Wade works for JC Penney and volunteers his time with the Nashville Inner City Ministry. Away from the business, she enjoys tennis, travelling, and spending time with family which includes Marble, an 8 pound Maltese Terrier.

Jim Wood CFP®

Jim Wood has been in Financial Services since 1998 and has helped hundreds of investors with their investment accounts and financial planning.

Jim started his career in Southern California with a large insurance company where he helped the employees of non-profits start their retirement plans. As time progressed at the insurance company, Jim began to increasingly question the industry practices that he was observing. It appeared to Jim that company profits were often more important than providing the best solutions to the client’s investment needs. In addition, he saw that the planners who were great salesman, but not necessarily great planners, received most of the support from the company. In 2010 Jim finally decided that those conflicts were not resolvable and left to form his own independent financial planning practice.

It was through Jim’s work as an independent financial planner that he discovered Paul Winkler and Paul’s use of "Coaching" to help clients truly understand the investing process. Jim’s mission had always been to educate clients in order to help them be more successful investors and he was greatly impressed by Paul’s knowledge and talent for education. Consequently, Jim was very pleased to join Paul’s team of coaches in 2014.

Jim attended California State University, Bakersfield and graduated, with honors, with a BA degree in Communications and a BS degree in Biology. He received his Certified Financial Planner designation in 2001.

Jim has been married to his wife Yvonne since 2002 and they have two children, Angelo and Gianna.

Anne Sawasky CCO, Business Succession Planning Consultant

Anne Sawasky began her career in the financial services industry in 1987, working for the largest fraternal insurance company in the US as a lawyer specializing in advising regarding mutual funds, variable annuities, commercial real estate and financial planning/investment law. She was also the Securities Compliance Officer for the corporation. She left after 10 years to start her own law firm in Wisconsin where she worked as legal counsel on insurance matters for a Fortune 500 bank as well as small to large businesses and corporations.

Anne also worked for 12 years using her legal and business expertise advising businesses from $200,000 up to $150,000,000 on business valuation, business sales, mergers and acquisitions, deal structure and creative problem solving to help business owners obtain top value for their businesses and ensure a smooth transaction.

Anne was honored to join Paul Winkler Inc. in 2016 in order to use her expertise to advise business owners wishing to better understand the value of their business, how it fits into their retirement plans and understand ways to ensure they obtain maximum value for their business and other assets to provide security and peace of mind in retirement. Her passion is to help business owners and others plan well ahead of retirement so they can maximize value, and provide personalized, experienced counsel to her clients. She also acts as Chief Compliance Officer for Paul Winkler Inc.

A Wisconsin native, Anne obtained her B.A. in International Economics from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and her Juris Doctor from Marquette University Law School. She is currently studying for her Certified Financial Planner designation to further her expertise. She is married and she and husband Dave are the proud parents of a daughter and two sons.