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The Next Downturn – Part 2

Posted on September 19th, 2013 by Paul Winkler | 8 Comments

8 Responses

  1. Tom Clarke says:

    Good job Paul. You can explain a complex situation so plain and (almost) simple that even I can understand!

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks Paul!
    Another informative segment on Wink TV!

  3. Bill Mullen says:

    #2 tops #1. Good show!

  4. Peggy Kuhn says:

    The Next Downturn, both Part 1 and 2, are super good videos. As always, the plan is to sit tight and know that it will all work out to our benefit. Your expertise and knowledge of stock history is invaluable, Paul, and I appreciate l hearing your logic and steady, simple teaching of basic ideas. Thank you.

  5. Mark says:

    Paul, you nailed it…again.

  6. Paul Winkler says:

    Thanks so much everybody for your kind comments. I really appreciate the feedback!!!!!

  7. John Martin Jr. says:

    Thank’s Paul. You calmed my unease about the so called Hindenburg effect that is said by some to be near.

    • Paul Winkler says:

      Thanks John. I actually have a video on that very topic that I believe is a couple of years old. It is in the “video blog” section of my website. I got a lot of heat for debunking that prediction. The mistake that was a made, initially, by a certain talkshow host was putting a deadline on when the market would go down due to this “effect”. I did a video saying that they were data mining and someone said to me “You better hope you’re right, Mr., because your reputation depends on it.” When the period was up, I did another video because they were dead wrong. The market actually went up significantly. The best thing you can do when making a prediction is not put a deadline on it. Then if it happens 20 years later, you can say you were right.
      If you see anything on that, please send it to me. I’ll do another video and add more to what I’ve said here.

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